Our Values

We are intentionally creating a community that supports and encourages each of us.


We recognize that relationships are the core of our community and seek to foster friendship and connection by creating traditions and opportunities for sharing and spontaneous fun.


We participate in nurturing and mentoring children, helping them become active members of the community.


Through the consensus decision-making process, we seek to include and empower every member of the community.


We maintain an atmosphere of trust and consideration, where all participants feel safe, respected, and heard.


Conflict is inevitable and often important. We find ways to deal with it constructively and creatively.


Our multi-generational community celebrates diversity and values the input of each person from their unique experience and wisdom.


We value responsible stewardship and the pursuit of strategies and day to day choices that support environmental sustainability and preservation.


We actively engage and participate with the surrounding neighborhood and city to nurture and sustain the common good.


We value growing, preparing, and sharing food together.


We value sharing our skills, resources, responsibilities, and ourselves, while respecting the balance between privacy and interconnection.


We share in the maintenance and management of buildings and grounds as equitably as possible.


We intend to have a remarkably good time together!