Even though we are comfortable in a nice house, have invested time and energy to make friends, and have nice neighbors, we still feel as if there could be a better and closer to home "village" experience in which to raise our kids.


We are a family of musicians and artists who appreciate good food and fun neighbors!


Nashira Reisch &
Jim Miller,
and Miles & Ella

Becki Rawson, her husband, and their family made the Hood River Valley home 29 years ago.


We have lived in various forms of community and look forward to continuing the exploration of an intentionally connected neighborhood with Gorge Cohousing.

We treasure the diversity of our area's people as well as relishing the many outdoor pursuits in this incredible location we call home.

Oregon Membership Team

Becki Rawson

I was born and raised in the mid-West.  My career as an engineer brought me to the Pacific Northwest in 1966.  I raised a family of three daughters on a small farm near Vancouver, Washington.  I completed my 41-year working career in the Columbia River Gorge and retired there in 2004. 


Now I volunteer my technical skills for several community non-profit organizations and I enjoy fixing broken things for my friends and neighbors. 


I really like people. 


I enjoy interacting with them socially and sharing work projects.  It is important to me that I continue to share daily life with people I like.


Presently I live in a two story 4-bedroom house on a double lot.  The maintenance of the house and yard is now more than I can keep up with.  The idea of a small house or apartment with minimal yard work near a group of friends has great appeal to me. 


I have become very fond of the Gorge Cohousing group.  I like to spend time with them and supporting our group’s goals is a personal priority of mine. 

Washington Enthusiasm and Vision

Bruce Bolme

After moving from France, where I grew up, to 5 acres on Whidbey Island WA, where I raised 2 daughters and built a house... even though it was a beautiful setting... I decided to move into the small town of White Salmon.


I moved in 2010, where everything would be walking distance and also have a better sense of community (and of course all the wind sports, meditation and hiking).

I had read about cohousing and was interested by the idea and looking into developing a small parcel with that concept. I like the idea of having a tighter community of friends and neighbors to live where everyone supports each other, where food is grown and where we can help each other with our specific skills.


I am looking forward to participating in this new project.

Washington Development Team

Jean-Marc Lenoir

Resident of White Salmon for the past twenty years.  A flight attendant for twenty seven years both domestic and international destinations.


A passion for windsurfing led me here and continues to fill my sails with wind.  Mountain biking, road biking, backpacking, skate skiing, tele-skiing, keep me busy in the off seasons.


Yoga and meditation fills my days with peace and calm.  Plant based cooking is my new passion seeking to find healthy food and recipes.


Marketing major in Apparel Design and Fashion Marketing at WWU.


Learned about Co-Housing this year and am on board to create a new community connecting people with shared values, friendships, and peaceful cooperation.

Washington Membership Team

Susan Svennson


I am a do-gooder, having worked in the nonprofit world most of my career. It makes sense that I’d want to live in an intentional community.


I love the idea of building an environment that encourages socialization and community. I want the joy and challenge of building relationships over time, even when it’s sometimes difficult.


I’m also devoted to making sure that we have a diversity of financial ability. I want our village to have at least a few very affordable homes. I also hope we’ll always have children in the community, because they are hilarious, right?


Making Cohousing happen here isn’t easy, but it’s going to be worth it for all of us and for the broader community.

Washington Communications 

Heidi Venture